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computer support

Fix your computer problem as economically as possible, sourcing parts on-line and problem solving

We provide:

  • Computer related assistance (PC, Apple, iPad and Android tablets)
    • Training / explanation (How to / why it is)
    • Fixing slow computers
    • Replacing parts
    • Adding more memory

  • Broadband installation
    • ADSL via the phone -
      • I can help with the supplier and what contract to go for
      • Set up Broadband, WIFI, and all the peripherals (printers, ipads ...)
    • ADSL for remote areas (Zones blanche) - too far from the exchange or too expensive to put in a phne line
      • Broadband via Satellite (I am an installer Nordnet & Sat2way or I can install a UK based supplier - then you can pretend to be in the UK!)
      • Wimax - broadband via Wifi over large distances (like in Espinas)
      • Fibre - optique - it is coming - we may have to wait til 2022!
    • ADSL via satellite for those people in remote areas (Zones blanche)
    • more information about ADSL by satellite

  • French language related assistance
    • Dealing with your supplier
    • Phone calls to technical support

Useful links:

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