The gîte is conveniently placed on the PR3 (petite randonée 3 - a circular path leading to the village open to non motorised traffic) for leasurely walks around the woods or longer ones to Saint Antonin.
The gîte has the following facilities:
  • A range of children's toys
  • Swimming pool toys, floats and lilos
  • A TV with French TV (TNT) and lots of English videos & dvds.
Walking routes - PR3
St Antonin eau mineral
walkingWalking - The gîte has detailed maps of the surrounding areas (IGN Série Bleue) as well as a booklet with all the 250 kms of Petite Randonées on it  
Download the app: YouHike NobleVal
& of course these paths are just a good for RUNNING!
The view
canoeingKayaking - The river Aveyron runs through the valley 150 metres below us and has a large number of kayak rental outfits  
Kayaking on the Aveyron at Saint Antonin, for all the family
Najak canoeing
Kayaking on the Aveyron
CyclingCycling - A variety of gradients and surfaces are available for all levels of cyclist.

The gîte comes with 2 adult bicycles and various children's ones.  
These bikes are NOT new and we do not provide helmets or other accessories.
Come and participate: La Noble’Race 22 mai 2016
VTT weekend
The tour de France
Veloce club Montalbanais
14ème randonnée VTT

Dimanche 22 octobre 2006
à Saint Antonin Noble Val
Mountain biking day
Mountain biking day
le Trail des Trois Rocs
le Trail des Trois Rocs
le Trail des Trois Rocs
The 12th edition of the Trail des Trois Rocs - the long route is 52 km with 2300m up. The short route is( 24 km and 900m up).
The two routes have new steep and difficult assents and the single file tracks will allow you to discover the superb vues of the Gourge and the Aveyron Gorges.
Horse RidingHorse Riding - There are several stables in the area where you can be taken on a horseback to explore the surrounding area
Centre de Vacandes et de Loisirs des Clauzels 81140 ROUSSAYROLLES - - www.clauzels.com
Abbie and her horse
horse group
Bert and another rider
climbinglogoEscalade - Climbing up the Roc D'Anglars above Saint Antonin on the left & at la Madelaine below
Climbing on the roc d'anglars
Hang glidingHang gliding / paraponting - The cliffs (roc Deymié) over the river Aveyron are used by hangliders and paraponters when the wind is from the right direction(s) I'm happy watching!
pool picture
chillin with the animals
Walk with the llamas...
Llama walk
Llama walk
Wine tasting
The gîte is in between Côteau du Quercy and the Gaillac wine regions (1/2 hours drive) offering picturesque scenery and plenty of degustations, there are also other regions around the area - Fronton & Cahors.