Property Maintence - Managing/ Advertising holiday properties for renting to clients and maintaining them
Sourcing - I try and source the cheapest goods for my clients and I pass the price saving onto them - that might involve buying from or having building materials delivered to George White (see below)
Collections / deliveries - I can collect and deliver things for you in the local area with the trailer
Shipping - Buying supplies from the UK and having them shipped to France is sometimes cheaper than buying them here. We have a very good haulage firm in our area who can help you with the process:
George White European (see website for more details )
Progress reporting - I send clients photos of work I have done for them to keep them up to date with progress.


Perhaps because of language difficulties or not wanting to be bothered with 'prospective purchasers' I have sold various vehicles for people, below are a variety:

Other interests: Greenery for animals / Recycling / Composting  

Gite de Foyt A peaceful holiday home in SouthWest France

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